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Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich fires back after criticism to clear Camp Hope

<p><p>Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich intends to handle the East Central homeless camp known as Camp Hope the same way that Spokane Valley handles homeless camps. A “hand up” not a “hand out,” he said.</p></p><p><p>“Are you giving them services or are you just sustaining the camp?” the sheriff asked on Sunday. “Providing services means you are actually… ... Continue Reading

After a stressful few years, school districts prepare to support students with fragile mental health

<p><p>Buffeted by the pandemic and social media, the mental health of children and teens appears increasingly fragile, according to one national survey.</p></p><p><p>However, local school districts are attempting to meet the challenge.</p></p><p><p>Spokane Public Schools and other districts have prioritized funding for counselors and other staff, while the Mead School District has launched a series of community… ... Continue Reading

100 years ago today in Spokane, there was more drama in the sensational Dodd case

<p><p>Another surprise twist rocked the true crime drama known as the Maurice Codd case.</p></p><p><p>Someone had apparently been wiretapping the phone lines of Codd’s attorney and three Codd family members. James Codd became suspicious that something fishy was going on after he noticed some odd activity in a neighboring vacant home. When he investigated, “a girl… ... Continue Reading

Shawn Vestal: The sleazy distortions of political porn are poisoning minds

<p><p>All pornographers have similar aims, whether they’re selling you sex or bad politics.</p></p><p><p>Titillate. Capture attention. Sink a hook into your prefrontal cortex, give you a blast of dopamine, turn off the executive functions of the brain.</p></p><p><p>We are awash in both kinds of porn. Neither is good for us, but at least there’s something honest in… ... Continue Reading

Spokane County's housing market begins to normalize as interest rates rise

<p><p>Homebuyers in Spokane County may have an easier time finding a property in a real estate market is beginning to swing in their favor.</p></p><p><p>The Lilac City’s housing market is beginning to normalize following a homebuying frenzy during the pandemic that saw ever-increasing demand, bidding wars and skyrocketing prices.</p></p><p><p>Many area homes are undergoing price reductions. Some… ... Continue Reading