Medical Lake teen suspected of building bombs in bedroom with plans to bring devices to school

<p><p>Sheriff’s deputies suspect a 16-year-old student in Medical Lake built pipe bombs in the student’s own bedroom and wanted to “test it out at school,” according to a search warrant .</p></p><p><p>The student told a Spokane County deputy in detail about building a thermite pipe bomb. The student also talked about wanting to place the devices throughout Medical Lake High School, according to the warrant.</p></p><p><p>Snapchat messages in the warrant showed the suspect’s account messaging another student: “once i get a good enough incendiary bomb im gonna test it out at school.”</p></p><p><p>Deputies contacted the suspect, who told police about once carrying a bomb in a backpack on the way to school before deciding to throw it in the lake. The teen still had plans to place bombs in the high school library and cafeteria, the warrant stated.</p></p><p><p>When the deputy asked why, the suspect reportedly said it was because there was “sadness and hatred” at school, according to the warrant.</p></p><p><p>Browser history from the suspect’s school-owned computer showed recent searches for ingredients like cupric copper and thermite, as well as how to make a thermite pipe bomb and “thermite explosions,” according to the warrant. Someone also searched “Are pipe bombs illegal,” according to the warrant.</p></p><p><p>A federal bomb technician told police he believed from the suspect’s statement the suspect made an enclosed improvised explosive device using thermite, according to the warrant. Thermite “is generally not explosive, but will burn through most objects,” according to the warrant.</p></p>